A Collaborative, Responsive & Efficient Approach for Healthcare Supply Chain Management

By using appropriate simple-to-use technology to manage scarce resources, we can make a significant difference in managing disease burden and health events.

Weak health security planning has been highlighted by COVID-19 worldwide.

Getting medical supplies where and when they are needed can be a matter of life and death. This could also make the difference between containing a health event or it becoming catastrophic. Even more, Covid-19 has shone a harsh light on the prevalence of weak health security planning worldwide. Response to the diagnosis of any type of disease means using close to ten or more medical products to manage, treat or prevent its spread. Supply-chain efficiency is at the heart of any successful response.

Data-driven strategies can build a strong collaboration framework and grow local capacity to adequately respond to demand and potential health threats.

In a market with an estimated value of over USD 200 Billion, more than 80% of essential healthcare products needed to respond to a diagnosis in Africa are imported. Governments and donors are the primary funders of Africa’s healthcare systems serving over 70 percent of the 1.3 billion population. These actors barely cover crucial budgets. Their ability to efficiently anticipate, adequately prepare, and correctly deploy resources to respond to health threats is severely stifled.

This has resulted in critical supply chain gaps that include poor inventory management; lack of coordination; critical data gaps and underutilisation; inability to forecast demand among others. The need for a more efficient supply-chain management strategy has never been more dire.

Over 80% of essential healthcare products needed to respond to a diagnosis in Africa are imported.

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Africa loses over $300 billion annually in wasted resources & missed trade opportunities in the healthcare value chain.

AHSA’s scalable end-to-end holistic approach aims to transform how Africa manages its supply chains, and unlock its trade & investment opportunities.

About the AHSA Platform


“Africa Health Security Alliance”


The AHSA platform is a data-driven platform that uses supply-chain data to forecast disease trends, predict demand of essential healthcare products and inform response decisions.

Supply-chain data can be used to enhance preparedness and anticipate health events to minimize potential damage.

Powered by artificial intelligence, the platform provides strategic real-time insights and an end-to-end collaboration environment to ensure essential healthcare products are delivered where and when they are needed. The AHSA Platform was born from the realization that Africa needs a solution that serves its contexts with regards to health security preparedness and resilience building. AHSA stems from Africa Health Security Alliance, which envisions an ecosystem of Africa’s largest network of responders working together to strengthen its health security.

The platform’s goal is to improve the management of healthcare supply-chain making it better prepared, seamless, responsive and organized to respond to health crises for African countries whose primary healthcare system is mostly funded by governments and donors. These actors can barely cover their budgets and their capacity remains stifled.

The AHSA Platform Experience

AHSA Platform is designed to support collaboration, seamless data sharing, to trigger and recommend actions needed to efficiently plan, move and manage supplies in response to health events. Through AHSA, national governments, financial institutions, donor organizations and all other stakeholders in the healthcare value chain can engage, collaborate, share insights and mobilize resources needed to effectively plan and manage supplies in response to health threats.

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