Reimagining Africa’s Healthcare Supply Chain for Efficiency, Preparedness & Better Resource Utilization

Healthcare is a human right. For African governments to provide healthcare products to their people, supply chains’ efficiency, timeliness and innovation are critical.

This is where Xetova comes in — to simplify processes through AI, save on costs, and save lives.

Supporting healthcare supply chain solutions with Artificial Intelligence

Xetova is a pioneer in the digital health market, offering artificial intelligence-supported supply chain solutions to governments to address the distribution of essential healthcare products, including the COVID-19 vaccine adoption. We provide real-time data-driven insights that help to simplify processes, save resources and, ultimately, save lives.

Starting in Kenya, we intend to expand our offerings and scale to the East African region initially, and, thereafter, expand to other parts of Africa. Having been in this space for nearly three years now, we have established ourselves as a trusted partner, creating linkages between suppliers and buyers, hospitals and paying platforms, and government and communities.

Our approach: connection, organization and preparedness

In 2020, Xetova was recognised by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in its open innovation Challenge for Health Security & Pandemics. Xetova’s recognition as a pioneering innovation in the healthcare supply chain ecosystem came after staving off strong competition from nearly 800 submissions drawn from more than 90 countries globally.

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Over 80% of Africa’s population depends on healthcare services provided by their government or donor-funded programmes.

This makes large supply chain management practices play a significant role in the welfare of a country, making supply chains a lifeline for over 700 million Africans.

About Xetova’s Healthcare Supply Chain Initiative (HSCI)


“Healthcare Supply Chain Initiative”

This is a data-driven approach that aims to facilitate delivery of essential healthcare products where and when they are needed, without wastage of resources.

Delivering value for effective healthcare supply chains in Africa

Our initiative is informed by three key insights from close observation of the global healthcare supply chain during COVID-19:

  1. Effective supply chains are crucial for access to primary healthcare and, currently, the uptake of the COVID-19 vaccine.
  2. New supply chain approaches are needed to drastically boost end-to-end visibility across the supply chain and to support healthcare providers and the government’s ability to enhance health security.
  3. Leveraging advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) can enhance supply chain efficiency even further. AI can help to detect certain hidden patterns within the supply chain that would then alert governments on the most critical needs of the population.

The HSCI Experience

Through Healthcare Supply Chain Initiative (HSCI), Xetova is facilitating the following:

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