xetova’s Supply Chain Solutions to Kenya’s UHC Challenges

AHSA® - October 23, 2020 - 0 comments

Following a recent update where Kenyan governors stated that the health for all scheme is a total failure, Kenya is in urgent need for a resilient healthcare supply chain system.

The pilot phase of Kenya’s Universal Health Coverage (UHC) did not succeed as intended. Some of the major challenges faced were the high cost of essential healthcare commodities, delayed orders, delivery of low quality products and lack of funds. It was also noted that there was a variety of suppliers with varied service contracts.

Relaunching UHC

Being one of the big four agendas to be achieved by 2022, there are plans to relaunch the UHC program, placing it under the National Health Insurance Fund.

The plan is to collaborate with county governments to improve the system however, we believe that the president’s call for more transparency, collaboration and innovation is what will help in achieving health security and UHC in Kenya. This means that the ministry of health needs to take a multisectoral approach and work with other organizations beyond government-related ones.

What We Are Doing About It

With an attempt to boost transparency, collaboration and innovation in the healthcare system, xetova has developed an AI driven platform with powerful tools important for building efficient and resilient healthcare supply chain systems.

Through Machine Learning, we combine data sourced from various healthcare stakeholders to forecast disease burdens and predict the demand of essential healthcare products. This helps in preventing any future shortages that could lead to severe illnesses or deaths.

Our contribution to the Health Information System (HIS) will not only improve patient safety but inform research, influence policy and decision making in every section of the supply chain.

We also provide access to supplier financing tools, just in time delivery tools and performance tracking tools to assist suppliers, buyers, financiers and donors in enhancing supply chain efficiency.

Through our AHSA initiative all stakeholders in the healthcare system come together to share information, connect, collaborate and mobilize resources required to strengthen the state of health security in Africa.

Our aim is to add value to healthcare stakeholders focused on providing reliable, affordable and good quality products through supply chain solutions that will help in achieving Universal Health Coverage in Kenya and beyond.

You Too Can Be Part of the Journey

National governments, donor agencies, financing organizations, suppliers, buyers and all other stakeholders in healthcare can join us in building resilient healthcare supply chains for health security and UHC. Find out how by visiting AHSA.

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