CEO Roundtable on Health Security and Resilience

Partnering to Strengthen Kenya’s Health Security and Resilience

About the Event

Event Date

October 2020


The COVID-19 pandemic exposed significant gaps in the overall state of global health security, from disease preparedness and response to supply chain efficiency to adequate resource mobilization. With more than 20 million infections and close to a million deaths globally in eight months due to COVID-19, the world is re-imagining its organization around health security and resilience.

The theme of this virtual event is “Partnering to Strengthen Kenya’s Health Security and Resilience”. This high-level by-invitation-only event will bring together key decision makers, influencers, contributors and thought leaders in Kenya’s health sector. We hope to explore ideas and strategies to enhance collaboration, inclusion, resource mobilization and sustainable resilience. Our hope is that these conversations will be a catalyst to improving the country’s overall state of health security and resilience.

Why Attend?

Join & Contribute

Join & Contribute

to the transformation of health security and resilience planning in Kenya

Connect & Engage

Connect & Engage

with leading actors, decision makers and influencers

Explore & Collaborate

Explore & Collaborate

on partnership and business opportunities

The Agenda

Re-imagining Kenya’s Health Security Landscape


2:00 pm –  3:45 pm EAT


This high-level dialogue session brings together industry and health sector leaders of Kenya’s Health Security and resilience ecosystem. Speakers and panelists will share important milestones, ideas and progress in strengthening Kenya’s state of health security and resilience. The conversation will explore the importance of health security planning, resource availability, level of preparedness, response capacity, and launch special initiatives in line with the theme. This inaugural roundtable will host the launch of the Linda Afya Project and a call to participate in the Africa Health Security Alliance initiative.

U.S.-Kenya Session on Enhancing Health Security and Resilience


3:45 pm –  5:15 pm EAT


The United States is the largest contributor to the development of Kenya’s health sector. Capitalizing on ongoing US-Kenya Free Trade Agreement negotiations, this session will provide a platform to explore partnership opportunities that could significantly enhance trade and investment relations in the health sector. This is a dialogue opportunity to improve existing relationships between all the key stakeholders contributing to Kenya’s health security and resilience.

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