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Disease Trend Tracking

Disease Trend Tracking

AHSA Platform is the first of its kind to use supply chain data to track disease trends. Africa is ranked as one of the regions with the highest disease burden globally, yet the continent lacks up-to-date data that could be useful in disease surveillance. xetova developed a methodology to use the consumption of various products to track the trends of different specific diseases or disease classes.

This tool is important for resource planning and disease tracking for the existing disease burdens or future health events. Currently, the tool can track the trends of more than 10 diseases and disease classes such as respiratory infections. The goal of this tool is to enhance the efforts of disease surveillance, response planning and resourcing using alternative scientific methodologies that are affordable and efficient.

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Real-Time Insights

Inventory Tracker

AHSA’s inventory tracking tool is powered by artificial intelligence and is designed to help planners, procurement and warehouse managers have a real time sense of their state of inventory and possible upcoming needs. The tracker regularly analyses flow of products and recommends stocking action based on actual predicted needs. AHSA’s inventory tracking tool can be plugged into any existing warehouse or procurement management system and bring it to life with powerful dashboards and insights.

The goal of the tool is to enable supply chain planners, procurement and warehouse managers to ensure they have adequate stock to respond to emerging needs or not overstock products that may not be needed.

Demand Tracker

This tool has been designed to support decision making around what, when and where a product is needed. Using Machine learning models, the tool assesses historic products trends and constantly learns from actual consumption data to accurately predict future demand of products, with specifics of time and location this product will be needed. The tool is also equipped with a trigger module that works backwards to trigger action at various levels to make sure the demand is met on time based on the current supply chain capacity. Triggers are done through dashboard notification alert or system generated emails to key decision makers who are responsible for taking action.

The goal of this is to ensure there is on-time fulfilment of product demand by almost 90%.

Pipeline & Performance Tracker

This tool is designed to support procurement managers track and engage in real-time with their suppliers. Inefficient procurement processes in large supply chains can cause serious delays in the availability of essential goods. The tool provides progress insights, measures the performance of the suppliers and triggers action that helps to avert delays.

Key features include milestone tracking, notifications, messaging and performance documentation. The goal of this tool provides a holistic view of the state of procurement and ensures accountability in the commercial process. The tool could be used as a stand alone system or a plugin to an existing procurement system.

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Response Support

Response Performance Tracker

This tool works in the background to analyze the performance of each actor. For instance, how long did it take to issue an order after the “buy trigger” was issued. Data from the tracker is crucial in making response decisions such as when to source, who to source from and the resources required to successfully in fulfil a triggered action.

The goal of this tool is to provide visibility on the performance of actual response action captured by the system. This data is critical in improving response preparedness and putting in place counter measures to reduce surprises, wastage of resources or serious delays that may lead to devastating consequences.

Access to Finance and Demand Insights for Suppliers

The biggest contributor to delivery delays by suppliers is their lack of insight of upcoming orders and their ability to finance their ever increasing orders. Unlike other products, most healthcare products are highly regulated and suppliers (manufacturers, resellers or distributors) may need adequate time and resources to fulfil their orders. This tool supports suppliers to have insight on what the future demand looks like and make adequate plans to meet this demand. For local suppliers, access to finance is a big issue. The AHSA platform allows suppliers to connect with financiers who are willing to extend flexible credit terms for them to fulfill their orders on time.

The goal of this tool is to unlock the commercial viability of the healthcare market making it predictable, less risky and investment friendly. This will significantly build the local capacity to respond to its existing or emerging disease burdens.

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